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Whether she is giving you all she’s got in the studio, or belting it out live, Alana Marie has a voice that can soothe you with a sweet lullaby or give you goose bumps with a power pop driven tune.  Her intoxicating sound, her energy, contagious all-out performance and her striking presence are unforgettable.

Liquid Love” her debut CD, released worldwide last year, and counts with outstanding musicianship, impeccable production and a selection of songs that make it hard to choose a favorite!

Alana Marie grabs you with some of the best American Music Heritage and spices it up with a little taste of Brazilian flavor.  All with a true rock, pop / adult contemporary language.

Her words are intuitively smart, and yet precisely

simple...with pure and soulful melodies.  This combination captivates a

cross-range of listeners, across ages, across countries.

Such wide reach has been proven by her latest collaborations.

Alana Marie is a featured guest on Brazilian multi-platinum star Zé Ramalho’s (Sony Music) CD “Parceria dos Viajantes".  On a track arranged by Franco Sattamini and produced by legendary multi-platinum artist, Robertinho de Recife, the CD received a Latin Grammy Nomination for Best MPB Album. She was honored to lend her lush and soulful vocals to this release.

Out of this collaboration, Zé Ramalho then, lent his incredible talent, voice and character to the bonus track, “God’s Whispers”, to her CD, “Liquid Love. Also on Liquid love, the legendary guitar of Robertinho de Recife and the Billboard “top 10-charting” soulful guitar of Torcuato Mariano - Rockin!

Side-by-side with greats such as Phil Woods, she is also featured on Christmas in

Rhythm & Bossa, her new favorite Christmas CD, with her now husband, Franco Sattamini.

Working with Bossa Nova co-inventor Roberto Menescal, and Raymundo Bittencourt at Albatroz Records in Brazil, she enjoys being one of the American voices of the new Brazilian Music Movement.

Alana Marie is the lead artist on dozens of their tracks released by several record labels in Europe and Asia, soon coming to the US.

Alana Marie’s voice can also be heard in short film soundtracks, by composer Keith Crane, such as “Living in Strength” (with Magic Johnson, Leeza Gibbons, Larry King, and Montel Williams) “In The Company of Angels” (Eric McCormack, from Will & Grace),

and Cover Girl’s, “Beauty and The Brand” (with Queen Latifah and Christie Brinkley)

All this talent comes packed in a bundle with one of the kindest hearts you will ever find in this industry. Alana Marie contributes with her work to charitable events as well.

She is a co-founder of “Rock for UCP" a program that has brought funds and hope to those affected by Cerebral Palsy. She also contributed with her music to The Rhythm & Blues Foundation, Children with Autism, Central Parents Association for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired, Rick Weiss AIDS Foundation, benefits for NYC Police, Project Angel Food and more.

Alana Marie is true beauty...

inside, outside and in the form of music that comes from the soul, comes from the heart!