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- We're back!  The NAMM show was fantastic!  As I mentioned on facebook...a big wow!

I have never seen this many crazy creative thinkers in one place at one time...what a fabulous energy and so much talent! I'll let you in on a couple little secrets...Rs Berkeley has THE best clarinet and saxaphones in the world!!! Zooba rocks! Every speaker, musician, vocalist, well let's just say, everyone who owns an iPad should definitely own a Zooba!

It was wonderful to see some of our old friends, and though it was crazy busy, we were certainly lucky enough to meet some really great new friends as well

Soon, we will be sharing some of the fun photos from the show with you...peace, love & music!


As you all know, I am crazy about Brazilian music . . . and men! ;-)  When we return, we will be working on my new Bossa CD, which I am extremely excited about.  Being in the studio with Franco Sattamini is a trip…he always amazes me…I love watching him at work…and it's one of my top favorite things to do in life!  Stay tuned!

- It's true…2012 is already in full swing . . . I am looking forward to going to the NAMM show coming up this week!  It will be nice to see some  friends we haven't seen in a while and catch up, not to mention meeting some new ones.  Stop by and say hello…we will be hanging with our fabulous friends from RS Berkeley and Rico / D'addario. Franco and I really enjoy California, especially this time of year, and it's going to be a great time!




- Worldwide release of Alana Marie's "not so clean" version of "I'm Gone" on iTunes…That was the way she intended the song to be, when it was written..he he!

Doing more Bossa recordings with Franco at True Azul Music…how lucky can a woman be?

- Wow!  Just got back from Brazil…I love everyone and everything about it!  Can any place get more beautiful and inspiring??? I don't think so!

- Took a boat ride to the studio (need I say more?) Recorded at Albatroz Records with Roberto Menescal and Raymundo Bittencourt…I adore these guys…legends actually,  and everybody at Albatroz, and I am so grateful for their guidance and their talent!

- Also check out some of her very special Brazilian guests:  Zé Ramalho (he really is God),  Robertinho de Recife, who kills it on her rendition of "Something about You", and Torcuato Mariano rips a beautiful solo on her single "All I Want". She says…"He does this so tastefully,  I never want it to end!"

- ALANA MARIE's "Liquid Love" CD released worldwide…written, arranged, produced and recorded with you guessed it…"the man behind it all"  Franco Sattamini!

- Alana Marie, Charli Vox, Dave Liebman, Eric Doney and Franco Sattamini
United to help fight hunger in Brazil . . .
In a collaborative effort with Scott Adams from Connect Brazil, Alana Marie appears in a new single release track - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (A Paz e o Amor Enfim) - arranged, produced and recorded by Franco Sattamini in the company of these great talents . In the same spirit of the acclaimed Christmas in Rhythm & Bossa, the song brings a unique groove, exquisite vocals and even some new Portuguese lyrics. All proceeds will benefit the non-profit organization Dreams Can Be. So, Christmas is over, but hunger is not! Get the track now, and help feed the poor children in Brazil! Also benefiting Dreams Can Be in 2008 are 6 shows of the Cirque Du Soleil, throughout Brazil.


- Latin Grammy Nomination . . .
Alana Marie is one of the guest stars featured on Brazilian star Zé Ramalho's new CD/DVD Parceria dos Viajantes, produced by legendary multi-platinum Robertinho de Recife, on a track arranged by Franco Sattamini. The CD received a nomination for Best MPB Album.


- Kick-off "overflow" of Liquid Love - The CD

Alana Marie
will be performing at the 21st Mayfair Festival of The Arts, in Allentown, PA on Saturday, May 26 at 8:30PM, opening for the great singer songwriter Shawn Colvin. Tickets are available through TicketMaster. Check the festival's website at


- The single "All I Want" that previews her debut CD will be available worlwide this upcoming May through iTunes, Napster, Sony Connect, e-music and many more digital retailers. The CD is schedule for release in June 2008.


- Just Finished . . .

Alana Marie
appears as a featured guest on Brazilian music icon Zé Ramalho’s new CD/DVD (Sony Music). The CD is just out in the stores. The DVD will be available soon. Produced by legendary Robertinho de Recife, the track is a killer blend of contemporary groove, Brazilian folk and the unmistakeable voice of multi-platinum artist Zé Ramalho, in combination with Alana Marie’s rich, soulful lead and background vocals.

Also guests on the CD are Brazilian stars Daniela Mercury, Zélia Duncan, Cidade Negra and more!